BAS members participate in many birding projects useful in gathering  data on the distribution and status of both locally nesting birds and those who spend time in our area during  migration  and in the winter season. If you are interested in participating in one of these activities, contact Suzanne Butcher

 ●Christmas Bird Counts

 ●North American Migration  Counts

 ●Breeding Bird Survey Routes

 ●Cerulean Warbler Project with Cornell Univ.

 ●Golden-winged Warbler Project with Cornell Univ.

●Bird Population Studies at Important Bird Area sites of  the National Audubon Society and Special Areas Projects sites of the Pennsylvania Society of Ornithology at : Shenango Reservoir, State Game Lands 95- The Glades, State Game Lands 284 - Pennsy Swamp, State Game Lands 151- Celery Swamp, State Game Lands 294- Rattlesnake Swamp, State Game Lands 130, State Game Lands 270,  and McConnells’s Mill State Park.

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